martes, marzo 09, 2010


If you ever feel like crying
heavy drops just makes you tired
getting so sad you're almost dying
stop, dont turn yourself on fire.

Im taking you far away
close your eyes
hold your breath
lets fly away from earth

You can hold my hand so tight
use my shoulder day and night
you can talk to me if you dont bite
loose your tongue and let the past go by!

3 comentarios:

Las Nichis dijo...

hay pero que bellos!!!!! me gusta...esta muy profundo te llega si realmente lo ves como lo vi yo.....te quiero NEL..besos..MUAHH

J.C.R.R dijo...

... It's nice to know that you're able to feel such as beautiful thing. What a lucky girl. Congratulations Nelson Hernandez. Simply great.

Nelson™ dijo...

muah pa ti tambien bri!
gracias ju!